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Harpenden Office: 01582 831120
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Leak Detection


IGM are fully trained in non-invasive leak detection. We use the latest equipment from nitrogen gas leak detection right through to thermal imaging, protimeters, acoustic and many more.

These are non-invasive techniques and are very effective and very precise, leaving minimal damage to your property. We use these techniques to detect leaks in heating systems these are systems that are losing pressure or causing moisture damage to the property, we can also trace hot and cold water mains, cold main inlets, mains water pipes, leaks in drainage and many others. All our procedures are recognised by insurance companies.

It is important to find the leak immediately to lessen the damage to your property. We can trace, fix and even do any repairs necessary to rectify any damage to your property. We are quite happy to discuss any of these methods with you as we find it important for you, the customer, to understand and be aware of what we are doing, as this will help with the decision making.

Our leak detection is on an hourly rate as all leaks are different as are properties, walls and flooring etc.

We have got a 100% success rate in finding the leaks and we are here and ready to take your call.

You can reach us by calling either our St.Albans office on 01727 224300 or our Harpenden office on 01582 831120. Alternatively, you can reach us by emailing