St Albans Office: 01727 224300
Harpenden Office: 01582 831120
Mobile: 07749 202609

Terms and Conditions

On Booking your appointment, we will take a secure payment from your debit card. This is an open card policy, your details are kept secure until your job is complete then the details are destroyed.
We take this payment to secure your booking it is part of your first hours labour the remainder of your invoice will be deducted from the card given at time of booking.
For missed appointments due to no access, dangerous environment, contravene the HSE, verbal abuse or non-appropriate adult present, the fee taken at booking will cover us for the above.
IGM Plumbing Heating and Drain Services LTD have the discretion to overrule in unforeseen circumstances.
Due to the nature of our industry we are unable to give specific appointment times, we give AM 08:00-12:00 or PM 12:00 -16:30, in the unlikely event our jobs overruns we endeavor to inform you as quickly as possible, we are not liable for any costs due to unforeseen circumstances which leads to the Cancellation of your appointment.
Emergency calls are not pre booked, you will be charged from when the engineer leaves his house or the office.
All our prices shown on our rates page are including VAT.
A minimum of one hour per engineer will be charged on each attendance we only break down the second hour when our engineers are on site over the first hour.
Our invoices are due to be paid immediately, once you have signed the invoice the remaining amount will be deducted from the card given at booking, your card details are kept secure until the job is complete then the details are destroyed. If you do not sign the invoice you have 7 days to put in writing your reasons why, this will hold the late payment charge, we will respond within 7 days of receipt. If not a Late payment fee of £80.00 will be added to your invoice. If the invoice is then not settled within 7 days of the late fee being added, or we are unable to retrieve the payment, an admin fee of £15.00 per hour for chasing payment will be added and the invoice will be sent to our debt collectors where you may be liable for more costs i.e. if the engineer must attend court @ £85.00 per hour, court costs and any other cost associated.
On calling in our services you are entering into a contract with ourselves, if after our engineers have visited you and you are advised to instruct your insurance company please be aware that we have been instructed by yourself therefore any work carried out, we will seek payment by you and you are responsible to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.
If you have any issues or complaints we do ask if you could please put this in writing to us : IGM Plumbing Heating And Drain Services LTD 50 Masefield Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 4JR or email us
We endeavor to respond within 14 days of receiving your letter/email. We are fully aware of the disability act 2010 so where you may be unable to do this in writing please call us on 01582 831120 or 07749 202609 we do try to meditate to resolve any issues that do arise.
We guarantee all products supplied by us and our workmanship for one year. Any misuse of products, physical damage, not being used/ treated for the purpose they were designed for and the manufacturers specification this will void the guarantee we offer (proof of our invoice is required). We do not guarantee products supplied by the customer.
Verbal, violent or aggressive contact towards any member of staff will not be tolerated. If our engineers are on site we reserve the right to stop work immediately and recover the value of work and materials to date and of necessary the police may be involved, any verbal abuse to our staff on the phone will not be tolerated and the call will be terminated, and the police maybe involved.
We reserve the right to record any calls, we reserve the right to refuse any work.